Let’s forget this time


Recently I have been hearing people between 20 ad 30 mention how old they are or that they are running out of time. When discussing this with people I have noticed an urgency and anxiety in the way they speak and what they have to say. Common phrase’s are consistently regurgitated such as has to, have to, must do, need to do. In My thought in response was; who placed these weighted and heavy terms upon us? Ultimately at the end of the day we have chosen to place such pressures and rules upon our lives. Why? Why do we place so much undesired stress and pressure upon ourselves, when usually these thoughts are not waiting to be urgently answered or acted upon.

I have always been fascinated with the concept of time. Often catching myself trying to fit more into the spaces between time, wanting more time or less time and then getting overwhelmed, as I can never consistently define time in my life. Something else that I have heard as of late is we are running out of time or that time is slipping between our fingers. As I consider these statements I become more aware of the fact that of course we are running out of time, time is a measurement and a system that has been built to organise everyone in our world. The way I see it is that if we allow this system to control us, if we count down and measure how many minutes, days and hours have passed in every present moment then yes we are tricking our minds into thinking that we are running out of time. The concept of time plays tricks on our mind as we question if we are making the most of our time, are we doing the right things with our time? Could we better be spending our time doing things which society, friends and family think are more valuable ways to spend our time?

Humans are incredibly intelligent creatures. We are so adaptable and capable of executing multiple tasks all at the same time. Meaning again time can be loaded with numerous things, making us believe that we should be achieving multiple things with our time, all at the same time. We feel a need to constantly be doing things, continuously stimulating our mind and body on more than just one simple task. For instance right now I’m currently engaging in 5 different tasks.

1. Writing my blog

2. Listening to music on my computer

3. Talking to my housemates

4. Cooking roasted veggies in the oven

5. Checking email’s and paying bills online

This has made me aware that I am not 100% engaged in each and every one of these tasks. However I am able to keep track of and maintain concentration upon those 5 different activities. This is insane!! It’s pretty amazing that we can place ourselves in so many situations at the same time. So what do we do about this. It’s overwhelming how much we can pack into our lives when we have the ability to do so much in any given moment. This will never change and we are forever going to have things to do, no matter how many we try to complete in each moment. As soon as those tasks are completed another 5 are waiting to happen. We live in a world that overstimulates us that constantly feeds us with new ideas and opportunities something bigger and better always on the horizon.

So my resting thoughts are how can we slow down time, how can we be 100% engaged in the present activity and moment? Maybe if we really let ourselves be present and engaged in each activity we will feel more satisfied. It’s like when we are told to eat our food slowly, chew each piece 10 times before swallowing and as a result we will feel full won’t need as much food. Or when you laugh and you really laugh and your whole body is laughing. This experience doesn’t need to last so long, it begins to hurt, your belly is tight, you might cry, you might become short of breath and you almost beg for it to stop because it’s so funny. The hilarity is too much to bear, this is a whole body experience and it sustains you after a short amount of time. Lets treat every moment like intense laughter, lets see how much we can get from our experiences so that it allows our entire body and mind to feel something, so that we can then make a choice when we want this to stop and when we want to move on to the next activity. Let’s try and let go of time, and let’s just experience and allow ourselves to be within what we do, not outside of it looking a list, a clock or to determine our next step.


2 thoughts on “Let’s forget this time

  1. Really great and interesting thoughts Annabel! Something I have also been reflecting on lately:) I’m enjoying reading your writing xo

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