Entangled in language



Words, noise, sound’s

So much noise.

Trying to understand my use of language, seeing and noticing the power of spoken word. Understanding but not quite understanding the sounds, noises and words I stream together, but feeling certain about the commitment and drive to be heard. A strong desire to vocalise something, whatever that is, I don’t quite know.

Swept up, pushed, pulled and slightly overstimulated by everything that comes into  my presence. Feeling chaotic.. choices and decisions constantly being made.

How do I make sense of, direct and channel all that I see, experience, feel and desire?

How do you find direction when you know so little, have little experience and such a small amount of life to reflect upon. But are so capable of anything.

Noises, sounds, words not quite formed, they are present, passionate, dynamic and have significance from where I stand. 

A passage for a new solo dance work. An experiment and a development  in which I have begun to embark upon. 

CLICK TO LISTEN to an amazing piece of music motivating me to respond.


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