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Over the past two weeks I have been fortunate enough to be given a couple of hours a week to begin developing my own 10 minute solo work. This week I cancelled my rehearsals as I have been unwell and thought time spent in the studio space would just be time wasted. It’s funny though that when you choose to listen to what your mind and body needs, it then lends to you in a more positive and productive way.

I woke this morning planning to watch movies all day, but instead I felt an inkling of inspiration to invest in my practice. I have begun to connect the dots in my creative interest. Although fresh, I feel satisfied and today I have experienced growth as an artist and dancer!! This is it everyone, this is where it begins for me. Today I have found some clarity and understanding in the themes that continue to arise in my short lived choreographic lineage.

Growth. Evolution. Development. Progression. Layering. Interconnectedness. Circular. Time. Sound

2011: It all began in second year at WAAPA. I made a solo work that was inspired by a quote from Alice in Wonderland

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”

“I don’t much care where –”

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

This solo explored the warping of time and space. How time can spent, and also how we often find ourselves spiralling in and out the known and unknown. The question being, what really is our reality and do we rely upon time to dictate our reality?

2012: In third year my work was inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence. An amazing mathematical system that scientifically proves the growth and development of all naturally occurring things on our planet. The fascination for me in this work was the evolution of a living thing, and the consistency in its growth pattern and how clearly it can be seen in plants, weather patterns. Movement was inspired by nature, currents, waves, and the flow of energy stimulated by these things.

2013: Last year I begun working on a solo titled ‘One of Many’, this work was inspired by my interest in the use of choreography and improvisation in collaboration with one another. I became intrigued at investing my time in finding the beauty and spontaneity of decision making that comes when improvising but inside set choreography. During this process I found myself working with dynamics, rhythms, repetition and variation’s on all, in order to allow one movement to morph organically and feed the next movement.

2014: Currently my latest solo development (sounds sensational) looks around the use of sound, voice, percussion and how these elements can be embodied into movement and choreography creating a dance performance in which sound journeys from its purist form, through variations into movement and into an energetic realm. Taking the audience from the superficiality of sound and morphing it into a more internal and energetic form, using the body to do this.

I am not one for completing a body of work in which every movement is completely new from the one it proceeds. My body, my mind and also my choreographic interest has a desire to show clarity to some extent. A desire to show progression, evolution, a growth and development a change even if ever so slight. As a performer and viewer of dance and performance I thoroughly enjoy feeling like I have been transported from one place to another but in an non aggressive way. In a way that it happens over the entire duration of the work so that I only realise once its finished how far in I was taken.

For now this is my interest, it might not happen this year but one day I hope to create such an experience and a work of this kind.


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