No Space Needs Me

A quote from a dear friend.

“No space needs me, but I have things that I can offer the space. And it not about serving the space. It’s about making an offer and providing a possibility the space may not have”

Linton Aberle

Sometimes in our lives that are clouded and distracted by other peoples lives, chores, daily routines, it takes one friend to pull you out. Something they say that triggers a new way of thinking or brings you back to the reality of where you actually stand. Yeah you may have done all these things, achieved some work related goals, made the effort to acknowledge your loved ones efforts and successes but have you in each and every one of those happenings been aware of yourself of what you have brought of where you existed in and amongst this chaos.

Today the rain drips on the tin roof of my apartment. It’s a morning that follows a series of saddened events and experiences. Some less significant than others, but nonetheless sad. Whether it’s saying goodbye to a brother half way across the world, the conclusion of an incredible family holiday, the pain and frustration of an injury, or watching someone you love disappear into the universe. These happenings for me always trigger a necessity to reflect, respond or try to make sense of unpleasant situations. I have noticed in my self over the past year that my nature is to find the radiant sunlight in the darkest of places. This search however always being sent for others, in attempt to brighten and uplift their spirits rather than my own.

The quote above, to me, relates to all of what I have said. I have come to realise that I am not needed. If you removed just the element of me from situations not much would be too different. Although this may seem dark and depressing it has given me some freedom and lightness. I am beginning to see that nothing is about me, what’s important isn’t measured on what I do. It is actually about what I am offering in each moment of all the things I do or that I am a part of. Its about what I can bring and offer to a moment or situation that may change its trajectory or open possibilities that may not have occurred otherwise. In the nature of reflection, when reminiscing about people who have come in and out of your life, I think about what they offered the space. What they have given me that couldn’t have been learnt, picked up or experienced in any other way. It’s made me realize that in so many situations I feel hindered in the space. Unsure of what to fill it with, scared that what I may offer will not suffice. But non of this actually matters because an offering shifts the direction, the happenings and circumstances of a moment or situation. I figure that this is more important, this serves everyone more deeply.

So like I said the radiant sun is shed upon the darkness that some may see from this blog. Be free, be unattached and know that your offerings serve greatness to all moments and know that whatever you have to offer no one else does. So be brave and courageous and offer the space something different. Change it’s course, direction and see what happens.

Life is full of space that is already filled with meaning, however there is endless amounts of space still to be explored, even the ones which may seem already concurred.


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