Bel in Motion


The question is: What does it mean for you to be in motion? What is your motion?

In physics motion = a change in position of an object with respect to time. Motion is typically described in terms of displacement, distance, velocity.

A motion can = a movement, gesture, signal, action.

My previous experiences of motion have been in relation to the physical movement and activities I have acquired and learned in my body. Through dance, through sport, through yoga and through the functional actions of the muscles and bones of my body. However recently I have come to see that absolutely everything around me and inside of me is in constant motion. Nothing is ever quite still. Our thoughts, our environment, bodies, relationships… everything. We exist in a sphere in which everything is constantly flowing, displacing, changing in form.. every second.

I am interested in the idea of motion. Of constant change and the displacement of myself, objects, the body, thoughts, people, situations and experiences. An idea that idea for me has been overwhelming before. Making me feel out of control and caught up in the chaos, un able to choose my own direction or find how I fit. However I no longer feel so overwhelmed. So this is good !!  Right now, the idea of it brings me a sense of ease and lightness as I ponder over the infinite possibilities that can arise in any given moment of our lives. I am starting to realise that I have a choice about how this all affects me. I have the power to let it engulf me or feed me. This excites me. So much can be learned, experienced, seen and shared.

I want to live my life in awareness of these motions. I want to take this awareness and take further action upon these motions. I want to put effort into combining awareness and action to make a small dent on humanity, a small dent in both my existence and then in turn those who I happen to cross paths with. I can not predict or exactly define how I will achieve this, but I do know that it begins with awareness of my actions, my motion, my energy. With self inquiry and self work. By becoming more in tune with myself, how i move and act in the world, I can then reflect upon how this affects others, giving me the space to connect, share and experience life with people in a genuine way. My effort is to act genuinely, authentically.

Bel in Motion is a new wave for me. It’s purpose is to bring together my interest in dance: physical movement, form of the body, both creatively and functionally.  Yoga: my own practice, teaching and integration of it into all facets of life. And the sharing of my thoughts, opinions, facts around areas of interest, whatever this may be. I like that it gives me freedom to change what it means, what it’s purpose is and where my intention lies. Its definition can change as I do, as the world does. I feel like sometimes we can limit our lives, our potential, and ourselves by labelling, choosing to call ourselves something, defining ourselves by our job, careers, lifestyle, peoples opinions of us.. But is this really living a full, wholehearted, authentic life?? Or are we living a false representation of ourselves, living in the perception of ourselves.

Everyday we feel different, our opinions are slightly different, what we see is different. I believe we should feel free to assess and re assess constantly. To watch and observe the changes and flux of our motion.