These Eyes

These eyes once closed, they slowly begin to crack open

gently, but apprehensively, fearful of the unknown, of what may lay before them.

They carry expectations, imagination, thoughts and feelings

that are soon to be completely flipped upside down.

They flicker, squint, allowing the light to slowly seep inward,

the way daylight pierces through that crack, that space between the shutters.

They widen and open to the warm offerings of this glow

feeling the energy trickle, passing through, meeting the core and awakening it.

A connection has been felt, has been made.

It’s all beginning again,

it’s new,

it’s happening,

you have arrived.

Suddenly a weightlessness is experienced

caused by a dropping, grounded sensation


The eyes now filled with light, are soft

no longer intense in their gaze, not guarded or afraid

of uncertainty or unfamiliarity of what forms their vision.

With every blink they see the beauty,

the teachings of the changes

of the shifting energy.

With each and every blink they find more compassion,


towards the offerings of each body and thing

that forms each picture,



They notice that each image passes as quickly as it arrived.

Where each is now embraced completely in order to let it go.

With this continuous transformation in which they experience,

they open from within, widening,

transferring the light, warmth and energy received

back out to be felt and shared.

These eyes, they now don’t just see,

they become a portal

transferring energies, sending compassion, connecting to one,


These eye’s no longer afraid

commit to the idea of constantly changing their perceptions

on life,

on what it means to be,


Now these eyes, feel vulnerability.

They feel more responsibility,

they experience a greater depth of field.

But it’s real, honest and true, theres difference in how they approach.

These eyes are now more fully formed,

they see more clearly,

Adjust more willingly,

Ask more questions.

They are grateful, they feel blessed.

They cherish each moment that has and that will flicker past.

Each sighting has helped them to breakdown that which was guarding them,

that which they were fearful of sharing, showing, expressing.

With every blink these eyes take, vibrations reverberate outward,

generating and empowering ones mark,

growing and spreading to create meaning and the essence of all we experience.

Beautiful eyes all around me today.

They are honest, compassionate and open.

Thanks is given to everyone for allowing these eyes to be seen and for those eyes to be felt too.

Gratitude is felt for these eyes and those eyes for widening, opening so much that we now begin to become one.

Reflections of ‘Power Of Now Oasis’ 200hr Yoga Teaching Training

March 2015

Written on Sanur Beach, Bali

Annabel Saies